More than two decades after the Velvet Revolution and the collapse of existing socialism, the popularity of the Czech capital as one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world shows no signs of recession. The alternatives offered by Prague, such as excellent architecture, renovated Baroque and Rococo buildings, winding long streets for walking, unique atmosphere and a huge range of entertainment and fun, are giving to the capital its famous superiority.

It is a very well-preserved city with impressive sights and it is no coincidence that since 1992 its historic centre has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its beauty is seductive, so those who visit it usually return after their first time in the capital. Follow us on a magical three-day adventure seeing all that one must experience in the “City of the Thousand Obelisks”!

Day 1

New Town (Nové Město): Můstek Metro Station

The centre and reference point of Prague since the 18th century, Wenceslas Square in the New Town, is famous for the historical events that took part in it. Noisy and exuberant, it comes alive at night with its crowded restaurants, cinemas and bars. Nearby are the most important historical sites of the city, while north of the square is the Czech National Museum.

Another important building is the Koruna Palace that functions as a shopping centre and is covered by an impressive glass dome and was built on the premises of three townhouses in the 19th century. At the National Museum in Prague, you can enjoy a variety of huge collections ranging from natural history, palaeontology and zoology to art and history.

Continuing to the Prague City Hall, which is housed in the old palaces and is the seat of the Prague Symphony Orchestra, very often organizing music events and concerts. Inside the gold decorations, the stained glass windows and the sculptures steal the impressions of every visitor.

Enjoy a coffee and continue in the direction of Prašná brána, commonly Powder Gate. You will recognize it by the imposing medieval tower that dominates just above it. It got this name because it was a storage space for gunpowder in the Old Town. And as the day passes in the enchanting Prague, we rest at our ideal hotel and prepare for the 2nd day in the capital.

Day 2

Prague Old Town (Staré Město)

The first attraction and essential stop in the Old Town Square is the Astronomical Clock (Orloj). As its name implies, it is not a simple clock, but a complex mechanism that not only shows the time but also depicts the position of the sun and the moon, the zodiac and the old Czech time scale according to the sunset and the sunrise.

Paying a small price and climbing to the top of the old town hall is really worth the experience. The view from the top is beyond any words and you can go up the stairs if you don’t care about fatigue, or you can take the “sci-fi” elevator that can lead you to the top with no hassle.

The tour of the Old Town is entirely up to you, the pace and the number of stops you intend to make, but we suggest you to visit the magnificent church of Agios Nikolaos – it is open to the public all day – and the most picturesque gothic church of Týn.

Day 3

The Prague Castle

Third and final day in Prague and it’s time to cross to the opposite bank of the Vltava River. And what better way than to cross the Charles Bridge: 621 meters long, 10 meters wide and 30 baroque statues at your every step! Crossing the bridge, you will soon find yourself in Prague Castle. Alternatively, you can take metro line A to the “Malostranská” stop, where you will take the tram and get off at the second stop called “Pražský hrad”.

The Prague Castle, or Hradčany, is an entire district consisting of a large collection of majestic buildings accompanied by magnificent gardens. Most of them were built in the last 1,000 years and it’s a unique opportunity to see all the architectural styles of the last millennium, gathered in one extensive area.

Leaving Prague, you can take some pieces of the famous Bohemian porcelain with you along with other mini works of art that would be ideal gifts. Just be sure to check the regulations for hand luggage, so you can avoid paying for the weight of porcelain in gold. But the greatest souvenirs that will not take up space in your luggage but in your own distinctive memory are the three golden and magical days of this trip to Prague!