There are no limitations to learning, and that is one of the benefits of traveling. I will explain some of the essential things I learned from my last trip. The only way I learned during my trip was by opening my mind to the freedom and lessons of life.


Patience is one of the valuable lessons I learned during my last trip. Life will not always go the way you planned and expected. I had to learn to be calm and relaxed when responding to these unplanned situations. I learned that exploding and fuming in anger and rage will not solve any problem. But in patience, there is a solution. I also had to learn to be patient due to the communication barrier. Not everyone speaks English, and I had to be patient when communicating with the locals. This lesson has changed my approach to life generally.

Appreciate other Culture and accept the differences

There is a big difference in learning about other cultures and experiencing the culture. I had to appreciate the differences between my culture and other cultures. The diversity of culture is what makes the world a fun place to live. I learned not to discriminate against other peoples. The uniqueness of every culture allows for everyone to have unique experiences. I learned that there is no superiority in cultures; accepting and appreciating different cultures opens the eyes to the culture’s beauty and importance.

Creative Thinking

I had to learn to be creative in thinking. Everywhere is not like home, where I know what to expect, and I know how to deal with issues. On my last trip, I had to learn to think smart and creative when faced with challenges. Creative thinking is a must when in a new environment. All my previous approaches and solutions were not relevant in some places. I needed to think smart and creatively to find answers to unforeseen circumstances.

Humility and Gratitude

On my last trip, I saw that not everyone has the opportunities I have, and I have to be grateful every day of my life. I saw people struggling to make ends meet, and I realized how much I had taken things for granted. These sights made me know that I had to be humble and respect everyone I meet. Looking down on people will bring me nothing, but giving everyone adequate respect brings fulfillment and joy. Gratitude is fundamental, and that made me stop wasting resources and taking things for granted.

Happiness and Joy doesn’t come from possessions

One of the greatest things I learned from my last trip is that I don’t need to have the most expensive clothes, gadgets, or vehicles to be happy. One of the best causes of happiness is having new experiences, making new friends, trying out new things. It has changed my view of life; I do not judge people’s happiness based on their possessions. It has also changed what I put effort and energy into. Acquiring lots of properties doesn’t bring joy.