The Utrecht region is one of the most special areas in the Netherlands. We propose an itinerary to spend a weekend in Utrecht and Amersfoort, two of the most beautiful cities in the country. It takes less than half an hour to go from one city to the other. This getaway is perfect if you are looking for charming canals, streets and squares, many bikes, flower markets and shops for all tastes in a quiet environment.

Utrecht does not have its own airport, but that is no inconvenience, if you spend a weekend in Utrecht without wasting time on transport. If you arrive in Holland by plane, the most practical is to fly to Amsterdam, the most important airport in the country. From there, you’ll find frequent direct trains to Utrecht and Amersfoort. Just follow the indications of the terminal until you reach the airport station. It is not a conventional train station, it is a large square with access to the tracks without any barriers. Do not forget to validate your ticket on the machines before going down to the platform. You can check the schedules of passage on the website of Dutch trains.


You probably never heard of this city. But you will surely remember it forever after visiting. Its medieval old town is absolutely charming. The most typical image of Amersfoort is the gateway to the historic center of the city. It was built around 1400 to control access by land and water to the city. Fortunately, now you can cross it whenever you want. We recommend you wait to see it after dark, when it is illuminated it is beautiful.

Stroll through the old town

Once inside the old town, you will want to stop to take a picture in each corner. It has a very picturesque and romantic atmosphere. The buildings full of plants on the facades, bikes parked next to the canals and squares with beautiful terraces conquered me. You can spend hours walking and admiring all the beauty of the place. A fun way to explore the old town is to rent a hybrid between bicycle and scooter. You can also explore the city from other perspectives by doing a boat tour.


To start the second day of the weekend in Utrecht, take the train from Amersfoort to Utrecht. It is a quick journey of about 20 minutes. Did you know that there are more bicycles than people in Holland? Right next to the Utrecht station there is a very curious place: the largest bike parking in the world. Fit 12,500 bicycles distributed over several floors, a lot!

Utrecht is a larger and more lively city than Amersfoort, but the sea of ​​calm also has corners. A good example is the garden of the church of San Martín, an oasis of peace. The plants are perfectly maintained, creating symmetrical shapes around a central statue. What if it rains during your visit? You can always take refuge in the beautiful Gothic cloister.

Haar Castle

It was originally built in the fifteenth century, but acquired its current appearance after a restoration in 1892. Walking through its gardens and visiting its interior will make you feel like an authentic aristocrat. In fact, in a beautiful room it has hosted great celebrities such as Coco Chanel, Roger Moore or Yves Saint Laurent.