Berlin is one of the best cities to visit in Europe for food and drink, as there is a huge variety of beers and traditional cuisine. There are plenty of reasons to visit this beautiful city, especially when it comes with so many options for recreation. So, check out some free attractions to visit in Berlin and save money while sightseeing.

Reichstag’s Dome

 The Reichstag’s Dome is the place where the parliament is situated, the Bundestag, and there is the option of free lift ride to the rooftop. The views of the city are stunning there and it is definitely a place not to be missed. At the top, there is also a glass dome, which is a design of Norman Foster. Besides, you can have audio guidance for free and be informed of the history of the building and for different sites that worth visiting. Make sure to book in advance before you go.

Visit the East Side Gallery

 This place has historical and social importance as well, as it is the memorial of freedom and diversity. It stretches along the Spree River and it is the last remaining of the Berlin Wall. In a few words, after the fall of the wall in November 1989, some artists decided to cover the wall with paintings and designs to show peace, freedom and other related topics. It is quite strange visiting this place, but it is a must-see in the capital of Germany.

Experience architecture on Museum Island

 On the River Spree, there is a scenic small island the Museum Island, which is called that way because of the existence of five museums. The entrance to the museums is not free, but the island is quite cute and has plenty of sites to offer. The most valuable thing about this island is the architecture and the magnificent style of the buildings, which will cost nothing except a long walk in the on it. It is a quiet place, ideal for seniors, so don’t miss it.

Explore the Charming Hackescher Hofe

 A beautiful neighbourhood consisted of eight renovated courtyards in central Mitte. The Hackerscher Hofe is the absolute place to have an afternoon coffee or dinner as it has many cute stores to sit around. Additionally, it is the place where you can find some items of typical Berlin fashion and design, or buying souvenirs for taking back home. It is an amazing place where you can’t have enough of strolling around and exploring the multicultural environment.

Free walking tours

 Sounds amazing right? The free walking tours are some of the best free attractions to go to in many places, but Berlin totally deserves it. It is the capital with the largest variety of street art, so what’s a better way to stroll around the city. The tours are focusing on specific districts that have great importance in the city’s history or represents the iconic street art scene. As mentioned before, the tours are free, but you have to book in advance and offer a tip to the guide.

Food Markets

 That one thing that Berlin is famous for is the food markets and a large variety of products. The number of food markets taking place in Berlin is huge, as there is one almost every day. A historic market hall is the Markthalle Neum, which is a typical farmer’s market with local produce. Also, in this market on Thursdays, there is an international food market during the evening which worth visiting. Additionally, an alternative food market is the Kollwitzplatz, which has the vibe of an artisanal market including many goodies and traditional sausages.