The number one holiday destination in America is the Caribbean, as it is one of the most fascinating places to spend your time as a senior. Soft sands, coconut covered hills, and lush valleys create an excellent atmosphere, that you cannot find in any other place in the world. The other things that the Caribbean is known for are the luxury resorts and the stunning locations where you can have a pleasant stay.

Turks and Caicos

 One of the most known resorts is located in Turks and Caicos, which is among the most preferable by celebrities. The location is excellent and offers all the necessary luxury and comfort, so it is one of the best options for seniors. It is located on a private island where the resort has establishments in more than 1,000 acres of the island. Beautiful private villas, bungalows, immense swimming pools, and nature create the most exciting experience for you. If you wish to spend some time like a king, then this place is definitely the best to do so.

St. Lucia

 A beautiful destination to visit in the Caribbean, as it has plenty of things to do and see. The resort located in St. Lucia has a modern and unique design, which is absolutely one of the most iconic you can see there. The establishment has plenty of cute bridges that lead to the infinity pools or to the stunning Caribbean Sea. One of the most exciting things is that this place is huge, but has only 29 private villas, so you can have the feeling of luxury at its best. The villas have excellent sea views and some of them have private pools.

 Puerto Rico

What to say first about Puerto Rico, as it is one of the most known places in the Caribbean and one of the most visited. If you want to experience the ultimate luxury experience in one of the world’s most stunning places, then this is totally the best alternative. An exclusive resort is built there having an amazing architecture that has transformed the lush location into an exclusive resort. Outstanding coastlines, scenic residences, and charming spas are some of the reasons to have this place on your bucket list for luxury vacations. There will be plenty of activities to keep you entertain and enjoying this heaven on earth.


 This is not one of the most popular places in the Caribbean and definitely not many people known how stunning it is. Anguilla is located on Maundays Bay on the side of the British West Indies. The island is private and has one of the most beautiful and iconic beaches in the entire world. This will be absolutely one of the most luxurious but at the same time low key places, you could ever visit. There are 23 private villas, which are refurbished recently, and offer a comfortable and luxury stay. The beach is in a close distance with the villas, so you can start your day by diving in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.


 A natural paradise is located on this side of the Caribbean, which totally worth seeing once in a lifetime. It is the best place to feel stress-free and relaxed, especially if you are a senior, where you need some tranquility and comfort. The resort is more like a boutique hotel with exclusive rooms, that are located on the west coast of Antigua. There are about 27 individual suites established on the beach and on the hillside offering excellent ocean views. The most exciting thing about this location is the undeveloped land and the lush natural environment which offers the best alternatives to exercise and enjoy what nature provides.