Do you need a push to make the final decision to travel alone? I have the tips you need to begin your great adventure.

Search for your own motives

Against all the fears that arise against you, look for the pros: you just have to think about yourself, what you feel like in each moment; You can go as fast or as slow as you want and without giving explanations to anyone. It is a journey that can help you develop your own self, without anyone influencing your decisions.

Practice loneliness

Are you used to spending time alone or do you always do activities with other people? Start practicing before going on a trip to familiarize yourself with the sensation of sharing leisure moments with anyone but yourself: go for a walk without company, go alone to the cinema or watch an exhibition.

Consider the time you have

Always keep in mind that it is better to see one place at your own pace, than four in a week and also check how the weather will be. Also check if large events will be held on the dates you’re visiting. They can shoot the prices of flights and accommodation.

Find out about the destination

In each one it will be convenient to have a different previous preparation: if the area surrounding your accommodation is safe, how is the culture, who should you go to in an emergency etc. Having all the data is essential if you travel alone, since nobody might have them for you. Some destinations are more hospitable to the traveler than others.

Choose your accommodation well

Although perhaps more luxurious, the hotels are more impersonal and will allow you to meet fewer people. A ‘bed & breakfast’ will put you in touch with local hosts, who are sure to be more than willing to offer advice and directions or simply chat with you.

Choose your luggage well

Backpack or suitcase? It will depend on the destination and the weight that one can carry. Always choose the one with the most guarantee. Among the suitcases, choose the ones that have multi-directional wheels, with resistant zippers that can be locked. Among the backpacks, choose the ones that open in front instead of above, so you don’t have to empty it every time you need something, with a waist strap to better distribute the weight, and with a removable compartment.

Don’t neglect your stuff

Keep your belongings safe and don’t leave your purse or backpack out of your sight. If you arrive at a new place, do it before nightfall and do not leave the crowded places. Keep all the belongings that you carry in one place to be able to make quick checks whenever you need them.

Documents safe

Take your documentation with you, but do not forget to have a copy safely in case you lose it: you can make photocopies and store them in a place other than the originals, send yourself an email with the information, leave it to a relative with whom you can contact quickly etc.

Do not plan too much

Try to make room for improvisation to be able to stay longer in the place you liked or leave before you didn’t.

Take books

What better travel companion? Choose one to see about the destination you are going to and the experience will be even more enriching. The electronic book is an excellent solution.