The trek to Laguna Torre is one of the most popular treks in El Chaltén (Argentina). Not only for reaching a beautiful lagoon but for the splendid views of Cerro Torre (3133m), one of the most important peaks in the region whose climb can only be completed by the best climbers in the world. Getting to the start of the route is simple and there are several signs on Avenida de San Martin towards the beginning of the Route to Laguna Torre. This part from Llao Llao Street begins with a steep slope where at the end of it, you will have a panoramic view of the entire Chalten. There is also access from the street Loicas, but if you choose this access point, you will miss the views of the Fitz Roy River and the canyon that has forged the river. The road continues uphill, not very hard but always sloping. This will end at Cerro Torre viewpoint where we will have a sublime view of this mountain. Moreover, you will surely see many people around this point.

Three-day route through the Chalten

From this point everything becomes very calm. The path consists of a mainly flat road for several kilometers and through forests of beautiful colors, especially in autumn. There is a de facto area that was burned years ago but which in no case worsens the view. Moreover, in certain places we find ideal plains for rest.
As we continue walking, we will cross a very humid forest, where rays of light only come in during the day and moss reigns in the bark of the trees. In this area the road can be found with mud. After passing through the forest, we will soon start climbing again to end up at the crossroads between the camp d’agostini and the lagoon tower. The Agostini camp has a bathroom and is completely free. Sleeping here is a great idea to see the fantastic sunrise over the Torre lagoon.

The Laguna Torre

If we continue to Laguna Torre we will not take more than 5 minutes to arrive, where the landscape will change abruptly, the trees will disappear to make way for the sand and the rock sediments generated by the glacier. It is also likely that we will encounter strong gusts of wind, generally cold when arriving at the ice field. Optionally we can go to the Maestri viewpoint to have good views of the Maestri glacier. This section of the road is very windy and extreme caution is advised. From my point of view it is just the icing on the cake since with the rest of the route is more than enough.

Practical information
Is it difficult to trek to Laguna Torre?

The route has no technical difficulty. It is necessary to have a physical form capable of supporting a route of almost 20km and 700 / 800m of vertical drop. If you are not capable, you should start very early and turn around at any of the lookouts halfway through.

What should we take to Laguna Torre?

We must take food since there is no supply point on the road. It is also advisable to wear boots (not sneakers), warm clothing capable of repelling water in case of rain, and sunglasses. At the base of the Torre lagoon, temperatures drop easily from 10 degrees in the summer, with a lower thermal sensation due to the weather which is close to 0/5 degrees. There is drinking water all the way.

Do you need a permit to get to Laguna Torre?

A permit is not necessary and we must not pay any fees. Nor do we have to pay if we set up a tent in the Agostini camp.

Is it a circular route?

No and yes. Not in general terms. If you want to walk almost 30 kilometers you can return by the detour to the Madre y Hija lagoon, to communicate with the trail to the Tres lagoon and from there to the Chaltén. In this way we make it circular.