My memory of Naples is far from the general description in which the city of southern Italy appears as a clear example of chaos, lack of control and dirt. Nothing is further from reality, I liked Naples. The cleanliness and relaxation levels were close to the average seen in other Italian cities.

  1. What time of the year is the best to visit Naples

As in any Mediterranean city, July and August is the high season and you will find a large influx of tourists and prices much higher than usual. The middle season runs between April and June as well as September and October. The weather usually accompanies with mild temperatures. It is my favorite time of year to visit any enclave of the Mediterranean. You will find more affordable prices, good weather and fewer crowds at tourist sites such as the Amalfi Coast.

  1. How to get from the airport to the center of Naples

Naples-Capodichino airport is relatively close to the city center, about 6 kilometers away. The cheapest way is to get on the Alibus company bus. It passes every quarter of an hour and takes approximately half an hour to reach the port with several stops through the center of Naples. The ticket goes for 4 euros and also serves you for other buses if you need to change during the next 90 minutes. You can buy the ticket at the tobacco shop of the terminal or directly from the driver if you have coins.

  1. Tips on accommodation in Naples

We didn’t find it easy to find a nice and cheap hotel in Naples. Our goal was to stay in the center of the city or as close as possible and not exceed 80 euros per night. Generally, in the area of ​​southern Italy, the stars in the hotels seem to be a little swollen with hormones and it is hard to find that ideal quality and price. Our main advice would be to search as centrally as possible, near the Universitá metro or Plebiscito square.

4. What places are essential to visit in Naples

Apart from walking through the historic center of Naples, contemplating the colorful clothes hanging from the balconies in the Spaccanapoli neighborhood, admiring the family chapels that hide in each corner of the Spanish Quarter, it is also recommended to visit the Archaeological Museum of Naples for its overwhelming collection of pieces from Pompeii and surroundings. Enter the Underground Naples and visit the Castle of Sant’Elmo to get the best views of the Gulf of Naples at sunset.

  1. Recommended tours in Naples

To have an initial contact with the city many times we get on the tourist bus. This way you get an idea of ​​how big or small it is and we can stop at the places that interest us most. Also, visiting the center of Naples accompanied by a guide will help you deepen your knowledge of its history and then you can focus independently on those points that have interested you most.