Today we go to the area of ​​the Bonansa Mountain in Aragon, Spain, a place of immeasurable beauty not known by many that offers visitors panoramic views, old trails, walls, the beautiful landscape of meadows with hedges and magic in all its corners. I present to you 6 hiking trails of low difficulty where you will discover paths between forests, well signposted and with unforgettable landscapes.

The Salenques Valley

1h 30′
220m slope
On foot (Circular)

The route of the Salenques valley follows the river of the same name through a shady forest full of beech trees, whose layout will give you the possibility to see beautiful waterfalls, almost from its outcrop. Wild boar, roe deer and fox are the most easily visible mammals. Common trout share their habitat with the Pyrenean triton.

The Camí dels Esquellots

50m slope
On foot (Linear)

It is a route of little slope coinciding with the first section of the route of the Creu. The path begins next to the village church until reaching Sant Antoni, before passing through two more “Pilarets“. Along the route you can observe the Barravés Valley and get to know how it formed, since it is of glacial origin.

Mirador Borda de Ansuilo

Slope 125m
On foot (Linear)

This route runs through a forest of wild pine and beech. It is ideal for nature lovers and especially ornithology.

Along the way we find several bird interpretation panels. After passing the pine forest, little by little, we enter the shadows of the Sierra de Castell de Pegá, encountering species such as beech, serbales, hazelnuts, maples, etc.

Pegá Forest (Ornithological Route)

1h 30′
Elevation 130m
On foot (Linear)

A very easy route for nature lovers and especially birds lovers. Its 5.5 km long with little slope (130 m). You can finish this route in just 1 hour 30 minutes ideal for those who want a quiet walk through the forest. At the end of the route, the walkers will be surprised with the Ansuilo viewpoint, a spectacular and unexpected place. And all this with interpretive panels of the many birds in the area. A pleasant walk, beautiful and didactic, essential.

Mirador del Isábena (Accessible trail)

On Foot (Linear)

The trail departs practically from the edge of the A-1605 autonomous road – at kilometer 48.6 – in the Alto de Bonansa. It is within the protected natural area known as the Garganta de Obarra and an area of ​​special protection for birds. A section crosses a wild pine forest and a more abrupt one where the natural boxwood vegetation dotted with deciduous species such as oaks, pines, serbals or beech trees dominates. When talking about wildlife, it is also likely the presence of mammals such as wild boar, roe deer or fox, as well as raptors, including partridges, coal or blacksmiths, but reptiles or amphibians can also be found.

Vilaller vineyard

1h 50′
90m slope
On foot (Circular)

Itinerary on the plain of the Noguera Ribagorzana river, which starts in the town of Viñal towards Ginaste. At the entrance to this town, after passing the first house, the road turns to the left, until you reach the wooden walkway to cross the river.

After crossing it, continue straight in the direction of the N-230 road until you reach the intersection with the cattle route. From here, the path continues along the cattle route south, parallel to the road, until reaching Vilaller. The circular itinerary returns through the other side of the river, to the iron bridge of Vilaller and goes to Ginaste, point from which the path coincides with the first section, ending in Viñal.