Rome, also known as the Eternal City is a must-go destination that has all the essentials to offer you exceptional vacation and entertainment. The best part about this city is the architecture and the food. So what you have to do for enjoying as much as you can is to find the best luxury hotels to make your stay perfect.

Portrait Roma, Piazza di Spagna

 This hotel is more a collection of small suites than a typical B&B located in the beautiful region of the famous Spanish steps. If you are keen on fashion or visiting Rome to do shopping then this definitely the place for you. It is in the center of the most high-end fashion brands and offers excellent views of the city. The design of the suites is stunning with a minimal aesthetic which is relaxing and comfortable. There is also a terrace with a beautiful view where you can have breakfast and popular Aperitivo.

The Inn at the Roman Forum

 The Inn is one of the most popular hotels in Rome and it is situated in the extraordinary Roman Forum. One of the most historical and iconic locations in Rome is the Forum as it illustrates the importance of this beautiful city. The hotel has a traditional design with wooden furniture which makes it cozy and friendly. The rooftop terrace offers exceptional views of the most iconic places in Rome, and the exclusive thing that this hotel has is the stone gallery. It is located in the cellar and it is 2,000 years old. Totally worth staying there.

Margutta 19, Villa Borghese

 Villa Borghese is an old Palace in Rome which is also used as a gallery with many exhibits. The hotel in Margutta Street 19 is quite new and has an amazing design that combines the old with the new. The location is stunning and you can have morning walks in the Villa Borghese park. The hotel has an exceptional and tasteful restaurant where you can taste Italian cuisine with some modern pinches. Besides, there is a small garden where you can relax and enjoy a summer evening.

Babuino 181, Piazza del Popolo

 The most central location in the city centre of Rome is the Piazza del Popolo, so there is any better hotel to stay in. Bundled in a small street, it is a scenic hotel to go as it has plenty of facilities and you will enjoy Rome as much as possible. The best thing at this hotel is that is small and luxurious, so you will relax and have an alternative taste of this big and busy city. There is no restaurant in the building because of its central position you have plenty of other options to go. It is ideal for seniors who wish to have peace in mind and avoid using the subway.

Palazzo Montemartini

 If you wish to have the most luxurious vacation in your life, then the Palazzo Montemartini is definitely the best option for you. It looks like a version of the Roman Belle Epoque due to its architecture, and you might feel like a Roman Emperor if you stay there. Stunning isn’t it? It has a variety of rooms and suites, so you will have plenty of alternatives to choose from. The complexion has its own wellness spa, restaurant, and lounge bar. It is ideal when you don’t want to do many activities in the city centre, as you can spend your day in this stunning hotel.