Las Fallas Festival in Valencia is a popular celebration in Spain that gathers people from all over the world. This festival is organized for four days between 15 to 19 of March in order to welcome spring. The streets are full of flowers and lights and there are many events organized for each group age. Below there are the main activities of how seniors celebrate the Las Fallas Festival.

Check out the Fallas

 Typically each neighbour or street celebrates and organizes its special fallas, which is a long time process and usually starts a year before. The characters of Las Fallas are strange with some weird characteristics, so as to look funny and peculiar. Some popular characters that they have been used in the Las Fellas are previous presidents of the United States or Disney characters. It is a major celebration where young and seniors can be part of the show. At the end of the festival they vote for the best fallas, so it will be nice if you visit a couple of neighbours to find the best one.

The Flower Offering Parade

 This is one of the most beautiful parades to attend during the Las Fallas festival, and it takes place on the 17th and 18th of March. The parade starts at mid-afternoon and lasts until midnight both days. Locals are dressed in traditional costumes and cross the main street to arrive at the Plaza de la Virgen. All the participants at the parade hold flowers in order to offer them in the statue of the Virgin Maria int he plaza. It is a beautiful activity, as the statue the first day of the celebration is empty, and by the end, it will be full of flowers. As it will be crowded make sure to arrive early and to find a good seat so as to watch the parade.

Go to La Crema and watch the Las Fallas on Fire

 This event is happening on the last day of celebration, where all the Las Fallas set on fire. It is definitely a worth watching celebration, and it follows many other events. The fire starts at 10 pm, where the smallest fallas set on fire first, and by midnight the biggest las fallas get on fire. Usually, the whole place will be full of smoke and flames, so if you are not likely to attend that or having breathing issues, it would be nice to stand at the end of the street, where the view of the fire is better.

Let’s Get Party

Generally, the 4 days that the Las Fallas takes place there are many parties and events, but the last day is the biggest celebration. Some of the most popular activities are the firecrackers, where kids and adults throw them on the streets, so you have to be careful. The streets are full of music, there is plenty of food and drink, and it is almost like all the city is awake. It is the best day to attend a party, which usually are outdoors.

Late Night Fireworks

 Every night except the last one, there are fireworks to have the closing of each day. But on the 18th there is the biggest display of fireworks, that is mandatory to watch, as they prepare for that day the whole year. The fireworks are over the river on the Paseo de la Alameda after midnight, and the last day called Nit de Foc. The event is stunning and you haven’t seen such beautiful fireworks anywhere in the world. It is quite easy to watch them, as you can just have a seat at any bar and just look at the sky. It is an exceptional event, and you really going to love it.