The listing with free attractions and activities to do in Washington DC is huge and you can’t imagine how extraordinary this city is. The variety is immense, as there are plenty of museums without any fee, monuments, memorials, and the White House which definitely worth visiting. Make sure to check this list out and visit as much as you can.

Visit the National Mall

 Exploring the National Mall is a must-do activity while in Washington as the park is extremely huge and has great historical importance. The location is full of monuments and buildings and there are many other essential sites to visit such as Lincoln and Jefferson memorials and the popular National Museum of African American History and Culture. While having a stroll around is like American history is all over the place. Besides, there are many spots where you can see written the powerful words of Martin Luther King.

Visit the White House

 It is quite an amazing experience to have a tour in the public rooms of the White House and it is totally worth the visit. There are specific hours and days for those tours depending on the availability and the current circumstances, so make sure to book in advance your tour. There is a website where you can find the congressional representative and give you the details about the tour and when you can be able to go.

Smithsonian’s Museum

These museums are all over America and usually are free to visitors. Smithsonian’s Museum is a must-have experience while being in Washington as there are many interactive components and incomparable collections. The only problem that you have to face is which one to choose to go. National Air and Space Museum is the most popular and usually is overcrowded as well as the National Museum of American History. Freer and Sackler Galleries are recently renovated and worth visiting.

Check out the Largest Library Existed

 The Library of Congress is a magnificent building that you will be amazed by the architecture and the whole experience you can get from your visit. The Thomas Jefferson Building brings to visitors an amazing experience of the architecture and History of the nation which in relation to the exhibitions of the library is extraordinary. The Library has a large collection of books, papers, recordings, maps and different collectibles from all over the world.

Visit the U.S Capitol Building

 The tour of the Capitol Building starts at the Capitol Center which firstly presents the history of the Congress and the Capitol through an exhibition. In order to have a full guided tour you should in the first place to book online your seat. Starting with a film that shows the creation of the building and the history behind it so as to end to the Rotunda and the Crypt. Totally recommend it!

National Gallery of Art

 National Gallery of Art is included in the list of the best National Art Galleries worldwide. The collection started with a gift from Andrew Mellon in 1937 and become one of the most known galleries in the United States. The variety of exhibitions is huge including Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings only found in America, the Ginerva de Benci. The East Building of the Gallery is a must-see as it has modern arts and many contemporary artists.

Explore Georgetown

 The historic and scenic town in Washington is a must-do excursion in order to discover the ancient lifestyle of the city. It is the perfect place to spend a day away from the capital and enjoy the alluring landscapes of Georgetown. The house architecture of the town has a Federal and Georgian style which is fully preserved and makes the town idyllic. There are plenty of shopping centres, restaurants, and bars as well as nightlife options.