I think that doing a road trip with children can be crazy. It obviously depends on how old they are, but do not panic. Everything is possible, while carrying in your luggage the magic pill for traveling with children, better known as “patience”. After taking your magic pill you can start the adventure of this trip. The second and very important thing is that going by car has a super advantage; you can carry thousands of things to distract the kids. It is more important to bring options to entertain them than a thousand changes of clothes.

Make stops

Always be prepared for unexpected stops. Take care of how much liquid you give your kids because that means stopping at unplanned points. From before, Google identifies places where you can get down to stretch your legs, regain energy and especially go to the bathroom.


Take snacks. There are many healthy snacks to take, from bars, popcorn, amaranth, chopped fruit, sandwiches, etc. Carry bags for garbage because this can get out of control and at the stops get rid of it so you don’t accumulate.

Games and toys

There are mini board games for traveling on the road. You should pick some that include everyone to participate so that nobody gets bored. You can play the traveling lottery where the kids look out the window and identify things. Other games that are simple include: naming things or characters (for example, fruits, colors or brands) each one says one until they can think of nothing. The one who can keep on answering, wins. You can also play the alphabet, find things with each letter of the alphabet (for example A apple, B bicycle, and so on). You can also take toys with you. Let your little one choose what toys he wants to take when he doesn’t want to play with you anymore!

Plan B

Always have a plan B for everything. Keep electronic devices as a last resort, download your children’s favorite movies or games for the tablet in case you run out of things to entertain them or there’s more downtime than expected during the trip.

Well equipped

Take a thousand wet wipes, they are salvation. You can clean anything with them. Also never forget the first aid kit, band-aid, Motrin, repellent, analgesic, disinfectant. Bring neck pads, some blanket and maybe pajamas or comfortable clothes in case you want to sleep during the trip. You might want to also bring coloring books, sheets and colors. This can entertain them a lot. Bringing music never fails as well, it takes your favorite songs to sing along the way. Finally, bring changes of clothes because children tend to get dirty easily.


Make a special map for your little ones (printed) and bring a marker so they can see where they are going and can cross out the cities you’ve passed through. This helps a lot to reassure them and so you don’t have to answer the famous “How long does it take to get there? How much left? How much is missing? “ every 5 seconds. Knowing where you are going gives them a sense of security and they learn by observing the places you visit.

Hopefully these will help make your trip with your children better! Have fun!