Having to carry a heavy suitcase or a huge backpack is the hardest thing when traveling. Sometimes it depends on how often you travel or if it is about a short trip or a long stay, in order to choose the best luggage for your needs. There are some substantial things to take into consideration before choosing the ideal suitcase for you.


 The most important factor for a suitable suitcase so as it would be easy to carry is the size and how you can handle it. If you are planning to take with you only the necessary and have luggage on the aircraft then you should have a small bag. Otherwise, if you wish to spend more time abroad then considering buying a biggest suitcase which can carry all your belongings.


 Weight is essential especially when you are an aged traveler. The appropriate luggage should be easy to carry and comfortable. The question is to have a backpack or a suitcase with you? This is definitely up to you. If you prefer to carry with you on the aircraft a backpack because it is the easiest way to have all your stuff with you, then you should find a convenient one.


 Wheels are really important when choosing a proper suitcase. Generally, the most popular are the ones with two wheels, which definitely can help you carry and transport it. But, if you wish to have a suitcase and all your comforts at the same time will be better to buy four wheels’ luggage.

There are several brands that are quite good regarding luggage, and some of the best that are definitely appropriate for the aged travelers are outlined below.

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero

 This luggage is absolutely ideal for a fashion-conscious traveler, who wants to travel in luxury. It has four wheels and two big spaces in order to get all of your belongings. The difference from other hardshell luggage is that this one can be expanded a little bit, so you will have plenty of space for your personal stuff. It is a durable suitcase and it is totally worth the money.

Samsonite Winfield Hardside

 The most functional and beautiful suitcase that Samsonite has ever launched. It is definitely value for money as it has one of the best designs and capacities. There is plenty of space for your belongings and it could be expanded so as to make enough room for extra items. The durability is excellent and once you buy it, you will have peace of mind when traveling. It is easy to carry and secure and has different locks for extra safety. Definitely a must-have.

Amazon Basic Hardside Spinner

 If you wish to have a good suitcase at a normal price and spend all your money on your trip, then definitely you should think about this one. An affordable and considerable suitcase to have on your trips. There are two separate parts on the luggage which is convenient for having your stuff organized and tidy. There is also extra space for travel documents or for carrying more items. It is totally a value for money product, and you are not breaking the bank after all.

TravelPro Maxlite Expandable Suitcase

 It is about a softshell suitcase with polyester and stain-resistant coating. The design is wonderful and you will have a stylish and comfortable suitcase at the same time. There is a lot of space even if you travel for a long period of time, and you can expand it, which is really helpful. It is an easy to carry suitcase with many functions. You will love the design and capacity of this luggage.

Hopefully, you find this post useful and worthy. All these products are online as well as in stores, but if you are looking for bargains it would be better to have a look at Amazon first.